About Us

Robyn R, Soltis is a Certified Licensed Medical Electrologist and a Certified Laser Technician.

She is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years of experience in Hair Removal.

We work with a local doctor as our medical director.  

All technicians are certified laser technicians skin specialists.  

Robyn's goal is to provide the very best in personal service to anyone with unwanted hair.  My medical knowledge and practical experiences will hopefully help you to a better understanding of laser hair removal.

Your confidential complimentary consultation will be discussed in the warm friendly atmosphere of my office.  Robyn will do everything possible to answer your questions plainly and honestly. 

Use your flex plan dollars with us.  

We are locally owned and operated.    .


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Questions about Hair Removal?

Ask the Robyn or Sandy. Email Us Today! or Call us at (320) 252-5224