What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only method of removing hair PERMANENTLY.  Electrolysis is recognized by the medical profession as the only safe, effective and permanent method of hair removal.  In 1875, an Ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles E. Michel, discovered Electrolysis while removing an ingrown eyelash from a discomforted patient.  His continued research into the safe use of electrical current for PERMANENT hair removal helped Electrolysis to become the truly accepted profession it is today.

Superfluous hair is very frustrating problem, which can create feelings of inferiority and other psychological handicaps.  Since fashion acceptance of beauty or handsomeness today dictates a well groomed appearance, a little planned forethought can bring out this "Better Side" of you.

What Causes Unwanted Hair?

The problems of unwanted hair can sometimes begin with puberty, pregnancy, or onset of menopause.  Male or female, young or old, unwanted hair can appear anywhere on your body at any time throughout your life.

How Electrolysis Works

The hair follicle is a tubelike depression of the skin which contains each hair. Tweezing or waxing will remove the hair shaft, but the dermal papilla still remains.  A very fine sterilized probe is inserted into the follice along the hair shaft to the dermal papilla.  At the same time a low-level electrical current is sent down the probe destroying the papilla.  The loosened hair shaft is then removed. 

In some cases, two or more treatments to each follicle may be necessary to achieve PERMANCY.  Regrowth hair is thinner and more fragile with each treatment.  Once the dermal papilla has been completed eliminated, there is absolutely no way a hair can be regenerated from that follicle. 

What Can I Expect When I Have My First Visit?

You will be offered a free, no obligation evaluation and sample of the actual electrolysis process.  I will evaluate your needs to determine the best electrolysis treatment plan for you.

Your Appearance And Electrolysis

Women:  Being attractive raises a woman's opinion of herself and looking her best makes her feel good and more self assured.

Facial Hair:  Chin, cheeks and upper lip hairs are frequently so obvious that many women shave or tweeze to combat the growth.  Over 75% of all women have some facial hair growth.  Whether it is light and fuzzy or dark and coarse, excessive hair can create serious problems with one's self image.

Hairlines can be heightened for those who have a low forehead or short face, and a widow's peak can be made to look exciting.  Raising the hairline at the back of the neck can slenderize the entire shape of the head. 

Eyebrows can be shaped PERMANENTLY and done beautifully and fashionably.  Today many women tweeze weak after week to keep their eyebrows in constant shape.  Why not have them shaped PERMANENTLY into a natural line and relieve yourself of the inconvenience. 

Arms and Underarms can be cleared with a minimum of effort.  Today's feminine look is one of soft hairless underarms.  Removing underarm hair not only reduces the level of perspiration, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odor.  How painful to shave or wax this area, but imagine how simple it could be to have it PERMANENTLY removed. 

Leg and Bikini Line:  With today's fashions and revealing bathing suits, a smooth satiny appearance to the legs is desirable.  Electrolysis can rid you of the task of shaving and having put up with coarse stubble.  You'd be surprised how soft and velvety hairless legs can be. 

Breasts and Abdomen are areas where women think they are abnormal if they have any hair growth.  This is not so.  Most women do have hair in these areas and it can be cleared with ease.

Unwanted hair can place a heavy emotional burden on a woman.  Electrolysis is the answer for this most distressing problems, leaving you to look forever feminine. 

Men:  Many men each year have hair removed my an Electrologist.  Today's twentieth century man is a well groomed individual who enjoys looking attractive.

Beards:  Thinning or completely removing are common cases to an Electrologist.  Many men are amazed at how easy it is to save a thinned beard.  For those who prefer to wear a beard, why not have the check and neck areas PERMANENTLY groomed to create a perfectly shaped beard with minimal care and no skin irritation.  Electrolysis is the only answer for these men.

Back and Chest:  Excessive hair on the back and chest is unattractive to some people.  Being well groomed is something that is very personal and many men who have seen an Electrologist have benefited greatly. 

Eyebrows and other untrimmed hair (i.e. ears, and nose), detract from a person's overall appearance.  Hair growth which continues over the bridge of the nose, or eyebrows that are bushy or too thick can create a scowling expression.  Your Electrologist can reshape these areas PERMANENTLY.

The look for men in the future is one of the well groomed, attractive man who is always presentable in his personal contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Electrolysis Ever Damage The Skin?

If the Electrologist is well trained, skillful and a conscientious professional who is licensed or certified by his/her state's governing agency, the skin should look smoother upon completion of your treatments.  The texture of your skin will be finer and velvety when the pores are no longer held open by the blunt end of the hair. 

Is Electrolysis Painful?

This is common fallacy.  Most clients feel only slight heat or tingling sensation.  In the hands of a skilled Electrologist others have been known to even dose.  Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, but adjustments can be made to create a comfortable treatment. 

What Areas Should Not Have Hair Removed by An Electrologist?

Only with a physician's approval can the hair on moles or birthmarks be removed.

Is Electrolysis Dangerous In Any Way?

The amount of electrical current used is infinitesimally small and poses no hazard.  Electrolysis is mechanically safe and scientifically controlled at every stage of its application. 

How Many Treatments?

It is difficult to be specific as to the number of treatments it will take because each client is unique.  Several contributing factors are:  The type and extent of hair growth, client tolerance, skin type and frequency treatments.  Your Electrologist should be able to answer these questions more clearly after a review of your case.

Does the Frequency of Treatments Have A Bearing On Success?

It is important for a client to participate in a planned program of electrolysis.  It is especially important in terms of hair that many require more than one treatment.  Regrowth is very fragile when it first appears.  This is the optimum time for treatment, otherwise the hair will rebuild back to its original strength negating the effectiveness of the initial treatment. 

Is Work Noticeable While Being Done?

Immediately following a treatment there is normally a slight redness and swelling.  It lasts for only a short time.  Your Electrologist will give you instructions for appropriate after-care which should allow you to continue with your usual activities.

Is the Cost Prohibitive?  

The overall  benefits received from PERMANENCY out weighs the cost.  Regained self-assurance and individual confidence along with other psychological benefits can mean a new life for you.  Continuous use of temporary methods over a period of many years will cost more in dollars, time and embarrassment.  PERMANENCY  means forever, and something which lasts forever means an investment.  What better investment in one's self than a lifetime of freedom of unwanted hair. 

Special Notes

1. All treatments are scheduled by appointment only. 2. Except in an emergency, all cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance. 3. Failure to keep or cancel an appointment will result in billing as usual. 4. Payments are made by personal check or cash upon completion of the treatment 5. Promptness is requested.  I try to begin and appointments on schedule.  Please be on time or even early to avoid losing treatment time. 6. All consultations are held in the strictest of confidences. 7. We adhere to the strictest sterilization procedures.  All of our instruments are cleaned, packed & sterilized.